one third of acm panels and marketing. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, more than 10 large construction projects selected aluminum products all come from Dali. 20 years development, to Dali, South China Sea acm panels industry a solid foundation, and full effect to survive. The size of the country's largest industry, Dali non-ferrous metals processing very long history. Early in the liberation of Dali is in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other places about the small melting, die casting and other non-ferrous metals processing.

Application of ACM Panel

In 1984, Dali and others were aware of the acm panels market by building the first factory hypotenus profile enormous possibilities. Dali aluminum industry, front. Dali Asia, the development of the aluminum industry, aluminum classic wealth. The early years are engaged in non-ferrous metals trade in Hong Kong and mainland, Kwong Wui Chun in 1992, Dali, Dali was back in 1992, the Asian operation, which is made of aluminum. Asia Aluminum listed in Hong Kong in 1998, the company grew rapidly. At present, Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd has become Asia's largest producer of acm panels. Such as aluminum production value of billions of Asian companies Dali aluminum industry is focused on the development of the layout of the 18 regional advantages, promote the industry's scale expanding. more: Aluminium Composite Panels