There are some other common solution, but dangerous naive electricians and have even supported the governments themselves. One is using so-called devices that are favorable to Brushed aluminum composite panel, such as wall outlets and switches. However, many laboratory tests that have been examined CPSC, it is found that these devices fail periodically under normal stress. Do not use them.

 JY-6030 Golden Brushed

Another method is an Brushed aluminum composite panel molding with conventional copper humidifiers and connectors. These tools are readily available at hardware stores and should be avoided. The latest most popular method and is supported the wires of electricians with a rotary connector and anti-oxidant cream. However, in laboratory tests sponsored by the CPSC tests and life in the field, many of these connectors have been considerably overheated. Be especially careful with the electrician who promotes this type of repair, not because he is a naughty man, but because they are not aware of these Brushed aluminum composite panel and blindly believe that the government knew what " They did when approved.