They were approved in 1980 and are still officially approved in Canada and the United States. Do not let it be used in your home. Now ... the appropriate ways to solve this problem. Independent tests adopted by the Commission's report on consumer product safety are the only two that are safe ... The first is to completely replace Wooden ACP panel with copper cable lines. However, it is an easy solution and can run thousands - if not tens of thousands of dollars. In most cases it is unnecessary and will make your home look like a war zone, then completed for several weeks. Electricians who take care of the complete wiring replacement, sincerely try to land on your handsome juicy work value. This is not the type of electrician you want.

JY-6045 Wood Californian Walnut

While this seems to be the safest solution, the remaining solution is just as effective, durable and much more cost effective. This method combines Wooden ACP panel with a small piece of copper wire, which is then connected to existing luminaires. This method, called "pigtailing", is very safe when it is done with the right connectors. There are electricians who say that it is not dangerous - but this is the only sure way - with the exception of copper copper! However - DO NOT USE THIS REPAIR.


Due to the nature of the Wooden ACP panel and incorrectly installed connectors, the connection may be as bad as the original - or worse! Do not do that! When we say it, we will continue.